Tricoclin revitalizing follicle tonic

is formulated to reactivate

micro circulation, stimulate cell regeneration and hair vitality

Original formulation as anti-hair loss tonic

What's special about

 Tricoclin Follicle Spray Tonic?

Key ingredients : Proantocyanidin, Piroctone Olamine, Copper peptides, Dexpanthenol

p.h 5.5

No Paraben, No Surfactant, No Silicone

Stimulate hair regrowth

Increases hair volume

Revitalize hair

What's special about Aesmed Tricoclin Hair Tonic?

Effects of 

Tricoclin Follicle Spray Tonic

Strengthens hair follicle

Relieve scalp of dead skin cells, dandruff and itichiness

Alleviates scalp irritation and itching

Approved by Korean Ministry

of Food and Drug Safety as 

Licensed drug for anti-hair loss

& hair thickening product

Received copyright ownership

from Korean Intellectual Property office

as "Anti-hair loss product" 

Registation No : Jae-07624130000

Recommended direction of use